Little Crosses

Little Crosses

Welcome to Little Crosses

Welcome to Little Crosses

Little Crosses

Reminders of faith

These little crosses intend to provide comfort and awareness of Christ's influence on our daily lives.

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The Little Crosses idea was born out of a celebration of Christ.

George made his first little cross for someone who opened his eyes to the goodness of Christ. George carried it in his pocket until he could give the cross to her. Whenever he'd reach for his keys, wallet, etc., the cross would bring his attention to Christ's great love.

The recipient of the first little cross placed it on her office desk. Several days later, she realized the cross was no longer there. Someone had taken it. She called George and said, "Who could take a cross?" George responded with, "Don't worry, maybe the person needed it more than you."

George then realized that this cross might have a sort of comforting effect. He knew it had the power to soften hearts and cultivate faith; it had done so for him. The situation in which someone who needed the cross happened to stumble upon it sheds a beautiful light on the divinity it holds.

George hopes that these little crosses can help anyone in any way possible. If they can make a difference, bring comfort, or cause reflection, everything we are trying to do is worth it. 

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